Systems for aluminum furnishings

SYSTEMS FOR ALUMINUM FURNISHINGS – systems meant for furnishing in rooms, where every millimeter matters. Perfect for narrow spaces, in hallways or small rooms i.e. bedrooms, basements, kitchens. Used also in public buildings, such as: office buildings, stores, libraries, museums.

Door can slide on a single, double or triple rail.

Door can be made of 10 – 19 mm board or 4 – 6 mm glass.

Possibility of using connecting profiles to join several materials

Door can be installed under slants.

Want to speed up your work? Calculate the cutting with our configuratior

Use our on-line configurator. It will inform you what elements from a given system you need and how many of them to use. The configurator is meant both for people, who know Laguna’s offer and new clients. It is a great support in your work – it presents the exact cutting of board and glass, what saves you and your clients’ time and money.


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Customer service office

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