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Laguna’s expert: In our offer we have two solutions for folding door: Slide R and Bifold.
Slide R is in two variants: inside – installed in the body of the closet and outside – covering the body of the closet. The quality of Slide R is a strip hinge, that makes the door come together without any gap. Main advantage over Bifold are the hardware, that are regulated and with ball bearing. We may mount them only with the upper rail K-075, or with the usage of lower rail as well. Bifold system works with K-015 rail and does not have lower guidance, only a lower seat. We can use LUX hinge or a simpler strip hinge HI. But, both of them will leave a gap between the door leaves. To sum up – if you are wondering between those two systems, we recommend Slide R – modern and easy in mounting.

Laguna’s expert: In Standard system you can use a lower guide mounted to the floor (AO-075) system or lower guide mounted to the wall (AO regulated guide). When using the second solution, you don’t have to drill holes in the floor, only in the wall – so there is a lower cost when there is the necessity to disassemble the door. More AO guide’s quality are:
body made of galvanized steel – high durability
longer mounting holes – possibility of height adjustment and mounting the door above the floor
use of clamping screw – to fit the distance from the wall in relation to the used handle and fastenings to K-075 rail
guide made of plastic – minimization of friction during the slide.

For sure, one of those solutions will meet your needs. We invite you to get to know our offer!

Everyone, who would want to ask our expert a question, is invited to place them in the comment section or sending to us in a private message.

Laguna’s Expert: In our aluminum systems we have the following upper guides: Solid with ball bearing, Solid without bearing, Solid Plus with ball bearing.

A novelty in our offer in Solid Pro guide with washer. The main advantages of this guide are: the permanent connection of the washer with the hardware, what enables quicker installation; lower holes, that gives a perfect fit with a c-profile; wheels with ball bearing and double-sided cover, what grants quieter work of the system; high quality spring steel, that enables a stable slide of door.

Guide Solid Pro is in two versions: symmetrical – used with handles Twin, Twin Lambda, Delta, Intero, and asymmetrical – used with handles Twin Flat, Twin Multi, Twin Gama, Twin Epsilon, Multiomega Wide, Rama Wide, Omega, Modern Wide, Eta Wide.

Solid Pro can be installed directly to board, frame profile and c-profile. It is dedicated for SOLID and UNIVERSAL upper track.

Laguna’s Expert: We are happy with your interest in our new color offer. It concerns aluminum profiles and is available for handles: Multiomega Wide, Modern Wide, Rama Wide, Omega Brush and Eta Wita. We invite you to see our offer!

Laguna’s Expert: We have a solutions, that you need – it is Sloping for slanting ceiling. The track is mounted with a special fastening, that adapts to its angle. In addition, you can buy fastenings for the cover profile, to hide the gap between the edge of the profile and the ceiling.

Please, take a look at the graphic file. It presents this solution in detail.

In case of any questions, we invite you to contact us!

Laguna’s Expert: Suspend 10 is an economical solution for door without threshold in an aluminum frame. The lower guidance is available in two variants: mounted to the wall and to the floor. The standard AOT TWIN guide is meant for floor mounting is a part of the default set. When it comes to the lower guide SLU – 18mm, that is dedicated for wall mounting, it is optional and can be bought separately. It is used mostly, when the mounting to the floor is not possible or too problematic.

The advantage of both solutions are wheels with ball bearing, that grant a smooth and quiet slide.

Laguna’s Expert: The graphic shows a detailed calculation of the materials used in the Laguna’s systems. We invite You to familiarize yourself with the material.

Laguna’s Expert: The Superior system is a solution for surface doors where the upper and lower track are not visible. Intended for plate 18, it can be used on two and three door leaves. A very important advantage of this system is the assembly clearance, which in this solution is only 25 mm from the ceiling. For leaves wider than 70 cm, we recommend the use of Expander hardware, which will prevent the door from warping. At this point, consider the selection of the appropriate length of these hardwares according to the table below.

The assembly of the quantity of the above hardware is included in the Assembly Instructions (available on the website).

Thanks to this solution, the wardrobe will serve for many years. The Superior system is available in two variants: Superior and Superior Pro R. The difference between them is related to the bottom rail and the lower guides. While in Superior we have the so-called slides that slide in the rail in Superior Pro R – these guides have small wheels that are bearing and perfectly fit to the bottom track, thanks to which they move very quietly and flexibly in it.

In addition, in Superior Pro R, it is possible to adjust the upper hardwares up and down in the range of +/- 3 mm.

Both solutions are intended for the installation of two or three door leaves in overlapping and nonoverlapping version. However, you have to bear in mind that when choosing the second version, you can use a soft-closer for both two and three door leaves. In the case of the option with three leaves, there is an additional central soft-closer for the middle door, which works on both sides.

As an Expert, I recommend the Superior Pro R System due to the possibility of horizontal alignment of the door leaf and the dynamic and noiseless guides movement. An additional advantage worth emphasizing is easy installation thanks to the use of Easy fastenings. Summarizing the above information, I hope that choosing the right solution will not be a problem.

Laguna’s Expert: A 4mm thick glass sheet should be protected with a safety foil before installation, in case of thicker dimensions, i.e. 6, 8, 10, 12 mm, we instead use laminated safety glass or tempered glass.

In Laguna’s systems the panels are installed using wedges (2 types to choose from) or seals selected
depending on the system, placement and thickness of the glass. This assembly method allows for a
solid and safe embedding the glass sheet in the profile while maintaining high aesthetic values. It also
protects the wardrobe against traces of glue, which may get visible on the glass after several years of
use. We encourage You to familiarize yourself with the offer of wedges and seals in our catalog.

Laguna’s Expert: In order to prevent sliding doors warping, it is best to use DOOR EXPANDERS, that is equalizing systems. These hardwares can be installed in construction, furniture and aluminum solutions. They correct or straighten the board from a thickness of 16 mm and a door height of up to 3000 mm. DOOR EXPANDERS are installed on the inside of the door. The best results are achieved by using an even arrangement of the system, i.e. 2 sets per one leaf. Turning the bar to the left or right will pull or expand the curvature of the warped door.

Laguna’s offer includes 3 types of Expander hardwares:

  • Expander FIX System set – for already warped boards,
  • Expander Mask System set and Expander STAB System set – to prevent warping of boards

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