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CAVA - new brand

Laguna Okuć Fabryka Okuć S.A. has added another brand – CAVA.
Cava is engaged in the production of wooden doors. The brand is FSC-certified, which means it can produce doors in accordance with the global policy promoting responsible forest management. We want to be co-responsible for the state of the world’s forests. When you buy our doors bearing the FSC label, you also have an impact on the planet’s environment.



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About us

Polish producer of sliding door systems

We are a producer of high quality products for the furniture market. The range of solutions in our offer is from interior passage door, systems for closets and aluminum furnishings. We are a leader producer in the furniture business in Poland with 30 years of experience. Products in our offer are designed and produced according to the newest trends in interiors and innovative technology. We are a polish factory, that developed and introduced to sales high quality products – proven with 5 patents, 68 industrial designs  and several international trademarks. We are a willingly chosen producer owing to our fashionable designs, high quality and the widest color offer on the market. Satisfied clients can be counted in millions – we have produced 29 567 895 hardware for our sliding systems and that number is still growing.

30 yearsof experience

68 industrial designs

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Systems for inner passage door

Systems without threshold, sliding on the upper rail. Systems used for space separation. Perfect for small rooms, wardrobes or in attics.

Door can be made of 16 – 40 mm board or 8, 10, 12 mm glass

Door can be with one leaf or two leaves

Door can be made entirely of board, glass or in an aluminum frame

Door can be folded into two or four leaves

Two door leaves can open synchronously

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Systems for closets

Systems meant for production of cabinet furniture. Furniture systems for door with folding and hinged door, modern surface type systems with a non-visible sliding system, and high and low closets.
Closet can be detached or in a wall to wall furnishing.

Door can be folded for two and four door leaves

Door can be made of 16 – 40 mm board or 4 – 6 mm glass

Door can be entirely made of board or glass or inside an aluminum frame

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Systems for aluminum furnishings

Systems meant for furnishing in rooms, where every millimeter matters. Perfect for narrow spaces, in hallways or small rooms i.e. bedrooms, basements, kitchens. Used also in public buildings, such as: office buildings, stores, libraries, museums.

Door can slide on a single, double or triple rail.

Door can be made of 10 – 19 mm board or 4 – 6 mm glass.

Possibility of using connecting profiles to join several materials

Door can be installed under slants.

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In the offer of Laguna Fabryka Okuć S.A., you will find numerous products that will facilitate the installation of our systems or allow their more convenient use.
These include:
– alumates,
– two-stage drills,
– self-closers,
– expanders,
– locks,
and many others.

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Use our on-line configurator. It will inform you what elements from a given system you need and how many of them to use. The configurator is meant both for people, who know Laguna’s offer and new clients. It is a great support in your work – it presents the exact cutting of board and glass, what saves you and your clients’ time and money.


Rozkroju frontów do szaf - ABAKUS


We are FSC certified.

This means that we can manufacture doors in accordance with a global policy that promotes responsible forest management. The FSC annually audits the wood suppliers from which we source the components needed to produce our door leaves. With this action we want to be co-responsible for the state of the world’s forests. When you buy our doors bearing the FSC label, you also have an impact on the environment of our planet.

Our customers' opinions

“Dear All!

Thank you for a wonderful co-operation. Laguna products are great! Thank you! We are happy to be working with the best products! Keep it up!

Thank you,

Krzysztof i Agnieszka Cyganiak

P.S. Great crew and service on the exposition stand in Rachwal!”

“The systems are not problematic. Always a fast and easy mounting. Nice co-operation and help with difficult assemblies.”


Hebel Piotr Janowiak

“We have never been disappointed. The clients are happy with the realizations with Laguna systems. We recommend them!”



“Reliability, repeatability, availability. Tested product. Universal products.”


Krzysztof Stelmasik

“Simple solutions, failure-free. Availability of goods, simple assembly. Aesthetic.”


Przemysław Guczkowski

“The style suits me, especially the Modern Wide handle. Simple and tested system installation”


Jacek Kuplicki

“Simplicity of mounting, good availability, the largest choice of colors on the market. Industrial profiles are resistant to scratches.”


FM Stolkar

“Great sliding system – quality and satisfaction”


Sikora Jacek

“I’m coming back to Laguna after a few year, thanks to the better quality of lower hardware”


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We present our catalogue, which is an overview of our products and accessories and detailed technical data, graphic schemes of the entire system and single elements. You will find there our complete offer, so everything that you need.

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Laguna products worldwide

Being a hardware factory and leader on the market from 1993 and being a regular exhibitor on prestigious and valued international fairs of furniture business, such as INTERZUM in Germany, SICAM in Italy or Budma in Poland. We participate in many open and technical days with our business partners. Our products can be found in Poland, in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

Address and contact details:

Laguna Fabryka Okuć S.A.
ul. Maszynowa 32A
80-298 Gdańsk
tel.: +48 58 770 48 00
NIP 525 256 43 48

Registration in the District Court
VII KRS 0000936019
Chairman of the Board: Grzegorz Dolny
Share capital: PLN 5,000

Customer service office
– export

Tel. +48 58 770 48 10
Tel. 603 219 418

Customer service office

– export

Tel. +48 58 770 48 10
Tel. 603 219 418



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