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Aluminium systems

Modern Wide

Application: innovative shape of the handle for sliding systems allowing to connect several types of fillings

Combination of diffrent filings

Number of wingsmin. 1

Capacity of 50kg per one wing

Ball bearing

Board thickness 18 mm

Plate filling

Glass with a thickness of 4, 6 mm

Glass filling

The colors of the handles

mat white
mat black
industrial black
industrial white
industrial copper
industrial anthracite
industrial gold

Scheme of the system

4 mm glass/mirror

18 mm board

16 mm board

Rails and profiles

name uniwersal upper track lower track GAMA horizontal profile RAMA connecting profile RAMA grip profile MODERN WIDE
number 88840000 88209000 88830000 88870000 88730000

Basic elements

name RAMA PLUS hardware solid pro guide witch washer symetrical handles - S solid pro guide witch washer asymetrical handles - NS SOLID stoper
number 88814000 88217100 88217200 88807000

Upper racks (interchangeably)

name SOLID tripple upper track SOLID upper track SINGLE upper track
number 88561000 88940000 88740000

Lower racks (interchangeably)

name lower track GAMA II lower track RAMA lower track RAMA SINGLE lower rail L-051 lower track RAMA IV double lower track RAMA IV single clip to tracks GAMA track cover RAMA lower track RAMA IV tripple
number 88930000 88551000 88750000 28630000 88564000 88562000 98203000 88881000 88563000

Hardwares (interchangeably)

name RAMA hardware MULTI OMEGA hardware MULTI RAM hardware SLIM hardware SPRING RAMA hardware SPRING GAMA hardware SPRINART RAMA hardware SPRINART GAMA hardware
number 88810000 88816000 88817000 88800000 88810100 88811100 88811200 88811300

Guides (interchangeably)

name SOLID PLUS guide - ball bearings SOLID guide - ball bearings SOLID guide - no ball bearings
number 88219000 88812000 88819000

Stoppers (interchangeably)

name universal stopper stopper RAMA with set screw stopper RAMA lI
number 88802000 88859100 88216000

Track plug

name lower track plug triple Rama IV lower track plug double RAMA IV lower track plug single RAMA IV upper track plug double upper track plug single
number 88893000 8889200 88891000 88841010 88841030

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Customer service office
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Customer service office

– export

Tel. +48 58 770 48 10
Tel. 603 219 418
e-mail: exportoffice@laguna.pl



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