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Furniture systems

Mini Cabinet

Application: system for sliding door for low furnishings

For high and low furnishings

Number of wings1

Capacity of 30kg per one wing

Ball bearing

Board thickness 16-18 mm

Plate filling

Glass with a thickness of 4 mm

Glass filling

The colors of the handles


Scheme of the system

rails to slothing cutter option

powierzchni płyty rails on board surface

door leaf and rails outside

door leaf outside with rails inside the cabinet

optional furniture board i.e. door leaf and rails outside

Rails and profiles

name inside upper rail inside bottom rail upper rail to slothing cutter bottom rail to slothing cutter outside upper rail outside bottom rail
number 21564000 21563000 21568000 21567000 21565000 21566000

Single articles

name guide W-01 guide W-02 guide W-03 guide W-07 hardware W-05 hardware W-06 hardware W-08 stopper W-04
number 20001000 20002000 20003000 20007000 20005000 20006000 20008000 20004000

Address and contact details:

Laguna Fabryka Okuć S.A.
ul. Maszynowa 32A
80-298 Gdańsk
tel.: +48 58 770 48 00
NIP 525 256 43 48

Registration in the District Court
VII KRS 0000936019
Chairman of the Board: Grzegorz Dolny
Share capital: PLN 5,000

Customer service office
– export

Tel. +48 58 770 48 10
Tel. 603 219 418

Customer service office

– export

Tel. +48 58 770 48 10
Tel. 603 219 418



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