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Max. door leaf weight max. 60kg for Superior, Superior R
Max. door leaf weight max. 30kg for Superior Light

The SUPERIOR series are meant for surface wardrobes, where the door can slide inside or outside of the wardrobe’s body. The construction elements are not visible when installed in front of the body. Using the same depth of the upper and lower rim enables mounting of the body of the cabinet.

Main advantages of SUPERIOR system
– quick and easy installation,
– only 25 mm between ceiling and upper part of the wardrobe,
– quiet work of hardware with ball-bearing, secured with a special overlay made of plastic
– solid and rigid construction,
– possibility of using the adjustment fitting for furnitureboards, we especially recommend Expander FIX,
– possibility of using a softcloser – SUPERIOR SILENT,
– different ways in installation of the lower part of the system with EASY mounting.

We offer 3 versions:
SUPERIOR –  for overlapping or  non-overlapping doors 2 or 3 door leaves, basic.
SUPERIOR R – for overlapping or  non-overlapping doors 2 or 3 door leaves, with adjustment. 
SUPERIOR LIGHT – for overlapping or  non-overlapping doors 2 or 3 door leaves, light.

In the version for overlapping door you can use edge profiles in natural color: handle-free fronts and edge profiles.

For our system you can use SIMA handle (only one of this type available on the market).

In the non-overlapping version for 2 and 3 door leaves you can install aluminum handles: RAMA, OMEGA, HINT, MULTIOMEGA or steel handles MODUS and STRONG