Visio 50

Product description

VISIO system, owing to the usage of special frame profiles and hidden hinges, allows for an effect of perfect facing of the door
with the wall. When painting the door and the wall in one color we obtain an impression of surface continuity in the room.

Advantages of the system:
– reinforced corners of inner angle profiles secure the construction in points of connection;
– wide range of usage up to 3 m high constructions and door width up tp 1,2 m with maximum capacity of 100 kg;
– thanks to special frame profiles the system is compatible with most hinges available on the market;
– universal frame allows for usage of both plasterboard and brick walls;
– possibility of painting the frame profiles with wall paint owing to initial coverage with white priming paint;
– exceptional construction of profiles prevents from an airbag effect
– high stability and rigidity of the construction thans to special profiles
– a specially designed slot enables for covering with glass or veneer, what increases the aeasthetic of finishing
– a specially designed port for angle nets prevents the walls from cracking on the wall/profile connecting points
– no need of using additional pads thanks to special ribbing enabling the support of each hinge
– a minimalistic effekt of invisible door