Video Guide

Template for drilling handles – for panel holder

Family of WIDE handles- covering the mounting wholes with a brush

Fit the handle to the filling – use Rama, Sima or Twin handle

Wedges for glass- fast installation of glass to the handle

Protect the brush from peeling- fastening clip for brushes

Locks for aluminium systems- secure the content of the cabinet

Milling „to the level”- the way of fitting OMEGA type hardware

Miter on fi 35mm- do not make it more difficult to yourself by milling on 40mm

Softcloser SOLID CENTRO- positioning of the middle/ outer door

Expander System- secure the board against bending

Glass assembly (12+4)- to the board without glue

Softcloser 1618, 1682

Furniture fittings


Expander II

Alumaty – simplifying carpenter work