Furniture systems

Furniture systems

The wide range of Laguna sliding furniture systems is used in the production of cabinet furniture such as wardrobes or cabinets, built-in furniture, and custom-made built-in furniture.

We are offering systems for:

  • -> folding doors on one, two or three rails
  • -> sliding doors that open on one or two sides
  • -> doors with and without bottom framing
  • -> doors with and without top framing

Our furniture systems will work great in living spaces, such as bedrooms, rooms, and halls. They are also used in home libraries, kitchens, basements, storage spaces as well as public utility rooms such as offices, libraries, museums, and offices.

Sliding furniture systems are designed for doors with various door fillings, for example, glass with a thickness of 4 and 6 mm. You can also use furniture boards, ready-to-use door, and light-weight boards with a thickness of 16-40 mm, embedded in durable alu frames.

Reliability, durability, functionality, and precision of workmanship are the features that distinguish our systems. All furniture hardware and accessories are manufactured in our production plant and meet the highest safety and quality requirements.


Elements for assembly are sold in sets and individually. As a manufacturer, we guarantee a long service life of our products and their trouble-free use. The assembly of our furniture systems for sliding doors is extremely simple and incredibly fast. Their great advantage is the possibility of using a universal rail and a non-threshold solution. Feel invited to learn more about each of our systems.

Nasze systemy meblowe


System for folding doors, both indoor and outdoor


Economical solutions for non-threshold folding doors


Economical solutions for folding doors


Non-threshold systems for bypass doors on single guide bar


System for cabinets and wardrobes with built-in top framing


Surface system


Surface system


A simple system for wardrobes and cabinets

Mini Cabinet

A simple system for cabinets