Alu systems

Alu systems

The wide range of alu systems can be used for many applications, for example, in narrow rooms, in the passages between rooms, or in living spaces such as bedrooms, rooms, halls, basements, kitchens. It is also used in public buildings such as office buildings, shops, libraries, museums, and offices.

We are offering systems for:


Our alu systems are distinguished by easy assembly and simple design. Thanks to the above, there is a possibility to use materials such as glass, mirror, lacobel, furniture boards, door fronts, and boards with vertical handles. We also recommend choosing boards made of light-weight materials, such as bamboo, plexiglass, or rattan. Profiles in our alu systems are available in several colors, which allows the color to be perfectly matched to the preferences of customer.



To place the order correctly additional information is required. VERTICAL PROFILES ARE AS STANDARD COME IN THE LENGTH OF 2.7 linear meters

The maximum length of the guide bars is 6 linear meters, but it is possible to make them longer with the use of special connectors.
The technology used allows the use of a wide range of door fillings - including glass, mirrors, stained glass with a thickness of 4 and 6 mm.
Customers can also use a light-weight board (bamboo, rattan, plexiglass) or furniture board (MDF, HDF, chipboard). The thickness of the boards that can be used is 10, 16, 18, and 19 mm.

The maximum length of the guide bars is 6 linear meters, but it is possible to make them longer with the use of special connectors.

All series of products of alu systems are available in natural aluminum color. Some systems are also available in the following colors: inox, champagne, gold, black and white.

Our experienced specialists and a wide network of distributors will help you choose the right type of product. Every customer may expect that the alu profiles will be matched to his preferences. Below, you will find the offer divided into individual systems.

Our alu systems


System for diagonal installation of built-in furniture


Frameless system for glass


Purpose: aluminum built-in wardrobes. The perfect solution for small recesses.


Perfect for wardrobes with a board with thickness of 18 mm


Ideal for the use of glass fillings, for non-threshold wardrobes, with the use of a board with a thickness of 10 mm and glass.


Alu system for wardrobes with sliding doors to both sides or as a sliding door between rooms.


Alu system, door for wardrobes, sliding to both sides (bypassing), with the possibility of a structure based on rails