„Tiptoe, without rapid movements, further and further, better and more.”

A motto we often repeat in Laguna

1993 was not easy. After the Eastern Bloc collapsed, Poland was slowly recovering its losses. Polish business was virtually unknown in the world, and wherever it was known, it did not enjoy the reputation that it should.

It was during these times that we set up Laguna and established our values: durability, quality and the latest trends.

To achieve these ambitious goals we have worked hard and paid much attention to detail.

Laguna originally specialized in the manufacture of tempered glass shower cabins, hence the name.

The word “Laguna” comes from Italian. It represents a part of the sea cut off from it by lido, barrier reef or atoll. What is characteristic of natural lagoons is the ability to take a relaxing, healthy bath, and also large differences between flood tides and low tides.

That’s exactly how we understand business in Laguna – It’s a constant adaptation to the needs of our customers and to the market.

The second half of the nineties is the next stage in our company’s development. Laguna has developed and successfully launched the production of building and furniture hardware, as well as aluminum systems.

Millennium, or magical date of 2000 for Laguna was a breakthrough. During this period, the company moved from a rented facility in Gdańsk to a newly purchased factory in Pruszcz Gdański. At the same time Laguna owners decided to introduce an ISO quality management system at the factory. These efforts were successful and as the first in the furniture industry we have implemented the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

New investments in tooling and machinery have enabled the company to extend Laguna’s offer of steel-reinforced systems.

In 2006, Laguna introduced a new brand, Anima Domus, which specializes in the production of aluminum frames, edge strips and shelving systems offered under the name AMS (aluminum system modules). The intensive development of production, sales growth, attention to the smallest details and the highest culture of customer service have allowed the company to expand its offer with more products for cabinets, doors and fittings, also LED lighting. In 2012, Laguna started the construction of a new production facility located in Gdańsk in the “Maszynowa” Industrial and Technological Park. In 2013, Laguna completed the construction of the plant and moved to its new headquarters.